- Hello! (About Omni-Fusion & Showreel) 

- You have to make a sale before you can make a film.

- Most newer filmmakers are terrible at pitching. Practice. Practice Practice. Force yourself to go through these steps using these tools.

- Visual Tools for Pitching & Filmmaking


New Business / Pitch Sessions to hire directors or companies / Kick Off Videos - To Brief everyone on the project and get them excited internally

(1/2 the battle is getting the client, agency or even collaberators confidence.


Great tools to make sure everyone understands the concept and make sure you get what you want.

1.  Treatments - Short document outlining how you plan to execute the project brief. (Show Keith Schofield's and some other treatment samples.


Elevate agencies creative concepts with your directorial ideas but don't totally change the creative too much.)

If you generate the creative it's clearly laying out your idea & getting everyone excited. 


GTN Bid & Pitch / GTN Treatment


2. Visual Decks - Organized document with visuals and text that help pitch decision makers & collaberators understand your vision. (Tile Shop)

Help them to see & feel the general vibe. Your words and demeanor matter too. Pictures & videos are better than words.


3. Pitch Videos - Style Reference Videos (GTN) - Mood Videos (Frito Lay) - Visual Language videos (Frito Lay)

Sizzle Video - Make. Do. / Athleta

Mainfesto Video (Make. Do.) 

Rip-O-Matics (Hockant Film) (Quicken)

Strategy Video - GMC / Go 90

Proof of concept video. (Can be Dangerous or expensive - be careful of quality or spending to much speculative $.) Doomtree / 5 Finger Death Punch

Sound Byte / Quote Videos Own Words Video (Children's) (Go 90)


Pick the right kind of Previs. Clarify. Don't poach others work.


4. Story Boards & Animatics (Twins) (Single File)

With clients/agencies If it's not really really good. It's really really bad. With collaberators "Something is better than nothing." Don't worry as much about video quality as clarity of concept but the sound and editing has to be solid.

Plan your work, work your plan. This more complex process forces you to 'prove it" & will limit "post rationalization" which is a dirty word in the agency world.



Get a support system for the pitch process and inevitable rejection. Fail big.


Thanks. Good luck.