We are seeking unpaid interns for some music videos we are shooting for Epitaph Records June 22nd & 23rd 2018. Roughly 12 hour days

QUALIFICATIONS: You just need a willing attitude, be able to follow instructions and have access to a cellphone and transportation.

Foo Fighters-BackandForth.png

The following positions are currently available:

Camera Dept - 2 positions - Role: 1/2 day Prep and support / 2 days shooting days / 1/2 day returns and support

Grip + Lighting Dept - 2 positions - Role: 2 shooting days

Art Dept - 2 positions - 3 flexible prep days (renting, running, building, support) 2 shooting days / 1/2 day returns and support

Production - 2 positions - 3 flexible days prep  / 2 days shooting (Support Producers renting, running, document prep, administrative tasks)

Director Assist - 1 positions - 3 days prep: (Director support, runs, admin, prep) 2 shooting days

Post Production - 1 position TBD

Meals & craft services provided.

Fill out the submission form link here by June 15th at 2pm CST.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please list any possible time conflicts. Even if you only are avail one of the days or week leading up to the shoot we still may be able to utilize your talents.

Those selected will be contacted by Saturday June 16th with further instructions and exact times.