We are seeking the following non-paid roles for a music video for Justin Pierre on Epitaph Records.

Sunday Sept 30th, near Minneapolis.

Creative Brief here.

The general time commitment for all roles are 3pm-9pm — meal provided.

Roles (All non speaking and all roles will involve fast running)

_"Bride" - Open to any female. 24-45yo

 Talent will be asked to chase someone who ruined a wedding picture. Must be able to run and yell angrily and “pratfall”.

_ Groom  - Open to any male 24-45yo

Talent will be asked to wince and pretend you were kicked in the testicles.

_ Chauffeur - Open to anyone 45yo and up

You will be asked to chase someone stealing your car keys and car and may be asked to smoke a cigarette or drink a fake alcoholic beverage and punch and kick the artist and throw a prop hat.

_ Priest- Open to anyone 45yo and up.

Must be willing to run and tackle the artists and fake kick and punch the artist as well as get pushed or hit in the back.

_ iPhone girl- Open to female 12-16yo

_ Bridesmaid - Open to any female 24yo and up.

To submit, please email by Thursday Sept 27th at 5pm. Please title the email - "Undone Music Video."

Send us: Your phone #, email address, a current picture, general age range and which role you prefer.


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